Agency work: features and analysis

Reporting for an international news agency is not only about filing accurate and concise bulletins as the news breaks and tracking developing stories in real time. Below are links to a few of the feature-length pieces Robert Hodgson wrote for the German Press Agency dpa between 2008 and 2011.

Hungary claims success in EU presidency
2010 was the year of Hungary's orange "revolution"
Frustration grows in ruined village after toxic spill
Hungary's toxic spill puts regulation in spotlight
Hungary's Viktor Orban regains power after eight-year battle
Climate change a mixed blessing for the world of wine
Art from an angry heart - Roma "fresco village" (pdf)
Hungary battles illegal migrants at new frontier
Far right gains ground in European Parliament election
The Iron Curtain first opened with a picnic
Behind Iron Curtain, artists chose between safety, censoring

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